Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rugby makes you thirsty

The issue of pubs closing on Good Friday has been brought to the fore in recent weeks with the upcoming Magners League game between Munster and Leinster scheduled for Thomond Park on the same day. 

There have been pleas from many sources for Limerick pubs to be allowed open to cater for the crowds.  Many strange claims have been made.  For example, in a piece on the RTE website we can extract the following.

Vintners spokesperson Dave Hickey said they hope their application will be successful.

They say they will be making the case that publicans could lose up to €6m in trade brought into the city by the sell-out match.

If the pubs are going to ‘lose’ €6 million alone surely their case has some merit.  However, consider that the capacity of the redeveloped Thomond Park is 26,500.  In order for the pubs to earn €6 million in revenue, each and every person (all of them) would have to spend €225 euro on drink or have about 50 drinks each!

Thirsty work, going to rugby matches! 

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