Monday, February 27, 2012

The recent bond swap

A recent look through Bank of Ireland’s preliminary report for 2011 revealed the following nugget of information on page 64:

On 25 January 2012, the National Treasury Management Agency offered bondholders the opportunity to exchange their existing holdings in respect of the 4% Treasury bond 2014 for a new 4.5% Treasury bond maturing in February 2015. The Group converted €1.3 billion of its Treasury bond 2014  into the new 4.5% Treasury bond 2015.

The NTMA announced that €3.53 billion of the Janurary 2014 bond was switched to the February 2015 bond.  Bank of Ireland accounted for 37% of the total amount swapped.

At the 31st of December  2011 BOI held €5,149 million of Irish government bonds on its balance sheet.  This is 6.0% of the total outstanding government bonds of €85,317 million.

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