Wednesday, October 9, 2013


A quick follow-up chart using Eurostat data on at-risk-of-poverty rates and very-low work intensity and again highlights Ireland as an outlier.  The data are from here.

AROP versus VLWI

The vertical axis gives the percentage point impact that social transfers have on the at-risk-of-poverty rate (equivalised income less than 60% of the median). 

In 2011, the pre-transfer AROP rate in Ireland was 39.6%, by far the highest in the EU28.  The post-transfer position reduced the AROP rate to 15.2%.  The 24.1 percentage point improvement is represented by the vertical axis.

The horizontal axis is the proportion of people aged under 60 who live in households with very-low work intensity (those aged 18 to 60 work less than 20% of the available time).  This simply repeats what was shown in the previous post.

The other 27 countries are in a fairly close group between 5 and 15 on both axes.  The pointed labelled ‘HR’ is the newly-accessed Croatia.  Ireland has by far the highest level of very-low work intensity and has by far the most impactful transfer system in reducing at-risk-of-poverty rates.

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