Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Exchequer Non-Tax Revenue

In the four years fr0m 2006 to 2009 non-tax current revenue received into the Exchequer Account was €2.9 billion.  In the four years to 2014 the amount received was €11.2 billion.  The main payments behind these changes are shown in the table below. Click to enlarge.

Exchequer Non-Tax Revenue

Dividends from semi-state enterprises have increased though the 2014 payment from the ESB was largely the result of asset sales which also were a factor in the Ervia dividend (holding company for Gas Networks Ireland and Irish Water). 

The largest increase has been for the Central Bank Surplus which is about €1 billion higher than it was seven or eight years ago.  This is a function of the various measures introduced as part of the rescue of the banking system.  Guarantee fees were significant from 2010 to 2013 but have dropped considerably with the closing of the ELG for new liabilities.

An obvious concern would be that some of these revenues are only temporary in nature and will need to replaced as they decline.

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