Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Unemployment rate falls below 30-year average

The CSO have data on the ‘seasonally adjusted standardised unemployment rate’ back to January 1983.  The rate is currently benchmarked to the QNHS and monthly updates are provided using the Live Register.  With today’s Live Register data the CSO estimate the rate to be 10.7 per cent. 

The average from 1983 to today is 10.9 per cent.  The current 10.7 per cent is the first time the rate has been below the average since February 2009 (when the rate of 10.2 per cent was below the then average of 10.4 per cent)


The horizontal red line is the average using all data from 1983 to the present time; the green line is a moving average using the data from 1983 to each month; and the orange line is a 10-year moving average for each period.

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