Tuesday, April 23, 2013

10-year yield at 3.49%

Here is a snapshot of Irish government bond yields as calculated by this website (go to Live Quotes ⇒ Bonds ⇒ World Government Bonds and select Ireland).

Bond Yields 23-04-12Really?


  1. What am I missing Seamus?

    1. A reason for why these yield drops happened yesterday maybe?

  2. Sorry, I thought you were pointing out an error.

    A 20bp drop since Monday...

    Also seems to have been replicated in the the performance of the Portuguese 10-Year.

  3. Hah, sorry I see your twitter feed suggest the predicted BoJ consequences might be kicking in.

    As good a reason as any. Deficit and debt were lower than expected in the Eurostat returns?

  4. A slightly separate issue. But now that we know NAMA issued Senior Bonds totalling €12.928 billion to purchase the CBI’s remaining lending to IBRC under the Facility Deed, is it possible to calculate what profit (or loss) the Central Bank of Ireland will make on holding these assets?


    If NAMA interest rate is six-month Euribor (0.318%) and is paid semi-annually on the 1st March and 1st September, is it correct to say that NAMA would be paying the Central Bank of Ireland on annual basis (Assuming none of the bonds were redeemed) €82.222 million for these bonds.

    Is that all profit for the Central Bank of Ireland which can be returned to the exchequer, or is their a capital cost for the Central Bank of Ireland for holding these assets which offsets or reduces the income generated from the semi-annual interest rate payments from NAMA?