Thursday, March 31, 2011

For the day that’s in it


  1. How sad. Plenty of people saying this at the time, but government has to believe what the banks tell them, otherwise it collapses with them.

    I have been contemplating returning to Ireland, but I wouldn't touch the place until the banks are dissolved.

  2. Seamus
    Thanks for this.
    So Morgan Kelly was wrong!! Of course he was. He underestimated the bank losses.

    It is like watching one of Colmcille's prophecies come true in slow motion.
    But if Kelly could see this in 2008, then I hope there is a full investigation into bank files, memos etc.
    There are people who lied and covered up this massive fraud.

  3. Wasnt that sneer priceless on Keenan's face when he said dont you believe Deutsche bank to Kelly.

    Another Yes man shown for what he was.