Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Who’s unemployed

A lot of time is spent looking at unemployment rates, here we just look at the numbers.  According to the latest QNHS there are now 299,000 people unemployed in Ireland.  The decrease in the numbers seen during the short-lived ‘turning the corner’ period at the end of 2010 has been replaced by a consistent increase during 2010.

Total Unemployed

Who are these 299,000 people?

According to the CSO data 248,900 are Irish nationals and 50,100 are non-Irish nationals. 201,500 are male and 97,500 are female.  Since the start of 2007 the number of males unemployed has risen by 233%, with a 160% rise in the number of females unemployed.

Total Unemployed by Gender

If we look at the current figure of 299,00 we can break it down by age as well as gender.

Q3 2010 Unemployment by Age and Gender

Although for both genders the numbers in the younger age categories are the largest, these categories have seen a reduction in the numbers unemployed recently (perhaps as people in these categories return to education or leave the country) while the numbers unemployed are the older age categories is continuing to rise. Click to enlarge.

Numbers Unemployed by Age

Finally, for now here is the region breakdown of the 299,000 unemployed.

Q3 2010 Unemployment by Region


  1. Excellent analysis.
    The 45-54 male group is still showing an alarming rate of increase.
    The reduction in the 15-24 may ne a result of emigration/education as you point out. It is also true that many of this group will be in a better position to get any 'modern technology' jobs.
    There is no corner being turned.

  2. Hi Tumbrel,

    Thanks for the kind words. The increase in the 45-54 male group is a worrying trend. Catch all solutions to the unemployment crisis will not work. Education and further training may be useful for young unemployed people but a bit more thought is required for those who have been in a career for 25 or 30 years and now find themselves out of work.