Friday, March 5, 2010

Tax Defaulters

On January 1 The Irish Examiner  ran a report on tax defaulters in Ireland.  They carried a number of short articles on the issue.  See here, here and here

Accompanying the article were a number of tables which are not available online.  Scans of these tables are available below.  Click title to see table.

The data used by The Irish Examiner covers the period Q4 2001 to Q3 2009.  The data is available from The Revenue Commissioners here.  The cases reported come from Part 2 of the Defaulters list.  It is interesting to note that the proportions of the total settlements that are made up of “tax due”  and “interest and penalties”.

The 4,961 cases in the analysis meet the following criteria.

Settlements are not published where the amount is less than the threshold (€12,700 (pre 2005) or €30,000), where the amount of fine or other penalty does not exceed 15% of the amount of tax or where the taxpayer has, in advance of any Revenue investigation, voluntarily furnished complete information relating to undisclosed tax liabilities.

These cases only make a small proportion of the overall tax evasion cases processed by the Revenue Commissioners.

Using the numbers in the third of the articles linked to above it is possible to create the following table.


Number of Cases

Average Settlement





not given


Company Directors









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